Red River BCM Update for Week of July 5th


I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to share with you some news happening in the region in the coming weeks to invite your continued partnership and prayers:
1. Planting Opportunities
I have made a connection with 3 (YES THREE) Student Coordinators at Austin Community College campuses located throughout Austin by simply having a small group Bible Study at Starbucks. I will be talking with them throughout the summer. Additionally, with the prayers and hard work of North Texas Staff, we are seeing potential planting opportunities at The University of Oklahoma, Texas Christian University, University of North Texas and University of Arlington! I will be going to Dallas for fundraising July 16-19th and will be meeting with the staff there to discuss how to begin strategically engaging these campuses.
2. Summer FUN-draising
As you know, summer is the most pivotal time for staff to rest, reflect on the year, reconnect with partners in ministry and raise funds to continue to do the work God has called them to do. Would be in prayer for Walter, Jovin, Sosi, Michelle and myself (Sean) as we are fundraising this summer? Pray that the Lord would provide the funds we need to raise and that no student would be unreached because of a lack of funding. Personally, I need to raise about $11,000 more before I am able to begin working on campus with students. Pray that God would open doors this summer as we raise funds together.
3. Invitation to join InterVarsity’s National Speaker Cohort 2012-2014
It is with great humility and joy I announce I have been accepted to InterVarsity’s National Speaking Cohort 2012-2014! We will receive Seminary Level training, development and presentation evaluations as well as be presented with opportunities to preach the Gospel around the nation! It is a tremendous honor and I cannot wait to get started!





Sean M. Watkins
Red River Regional BCM Coordinator (TX, OK & AR)
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
O: 2200 San Antonio St., Austin, TX 78705

To support me in ministry, click on this link (and thanks):

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