Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength (Psalm 29:1)

Each year, I meditate on the psalm that equals my number of years. It always speaks to me and guides my prayers unlike anything else that can come from my mouth or by brain.
I went outside this morning, hoping to figure out some way to “ascribe the Lord glory and strength.” “Rrrright,” I thought. Who even talks like that, anymore? But, I said I would give it a shot.
I hit the trail by my apartment, walking slowly and of course, the Lord spoke through His creation. But before He spoke through His creation, He let me see our creation.
I saw houses, windows, chimneys, Direct TV satellites, BBQ pits, fences, artificial lighting for the path. All amazing things, but for all there wonder, we cannot make a single blade of grass grow.
We cannot make a seed produce a tree. We cannot call forth leaves on a limb. I stood among the trees and grass and flowers of the field and realized all over again, “This is true power. It’s power I cannot produce. It’s power I can’t even manipulate. It is strength that can only come from the Lord. And that, is His glory.” Even as I marveled at creation, the sun began to shine on the trees. It wasn’t a sign to go inside…because I am in Texas (106 is the high today!!!) but yet another sign of the strength of God. We can build lampposts on a trail, but we cannot cause the sun to rise and/or shine giving life again on the earth to the earth. Only God can. Only God in His infinite strength can do that.
Today, don’t walk, talk, drive, eat, think, work so fast that we overlook the strength and glory of God.


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