A Very Late Green Lantern Movie Review

Well folks, I saw it a few weeks ago, but it is literally taken me this long to figure out how to write this movie review.  Pray… 🙂 Here it is: my movie review of Green Lantern.


The movie begins with the Guardians of Oa establishing an intergalactic police force of Green Lanterns to protect the universe. It’s greatest lantern, Abin Sur, is then shown being attacked by Phallanx, which is the representation of fear—and the color yellow. On earth, we are introduced to Hal Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds), a pilot with tons of talent and very little maturity. Abin Sur, who is greatly wounded, flees to earth, where his the ring finds Jordan and a (potential) hero is born. Abin Sur’s and space ship are taken away by the government for tests and part of Phallanx is exposed to Hector Hammond. Hal goes through the process of figuring out how to use his powers and even travels to Oa to meet the other Lanterns and The Guardians where he goes into training by Tomar-Re (voiced by Geoffey Rush), Kilowog (voiced by Michael Clark Duncan) and Sinestro (played by Mark Strong). As usual, he rejects the responsibility and comes to earth only to use his powers to save his ex-girlfriend (Blake Lively). Realizing earth is in danger, Hal travels back to Oa to try to rally the troops who are actually trying to use the power of fear to fight Phallanx. Jordan decides to get over himself and be the hero he is destined to be. He defeats Phallanx by luring him into the sun (something a team of Green Lanterns were somehow unable to do), gets the girl and flies out to protect our part of the galaxy from evil.

Stay midway through the credits to see Sinestro take off his Lantern ring for the Yellow fear one, setting up for a (possible) sequel.

My Thoughts: I appreciated what they were trying to do in making the movie into an actual movie with plot and character development but there were way too many issues here. First, Ryan Reynolds is a great comedic, sarcastic actor. He would be great for Marvel’s  Deadpool character, but not DC’s Green Lantern/Hal Jordan. Second, there were too many cliffs in the movie (not cliff-hangers, cliffs). There were at least three times the movie built up for a great fight scene or display of power only to be reduced to meaningless dialogue between the eye candy of Lively and Reynolds. Again, I appreciate that they were trying to do an actual movie and not a comic book movie, but it was borderline torture.


Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan/Green Lantern – great sarcastic actor, terrible for the role of Hal Jordan. It was hard to take Reynolds seriously in the movie because you he kept switching for serious to sarcastic—whenever there was a real plot moment—and you couldn’t tell who/what he was trying to be.

Blake Lively/Carol Ferris – beautiful love interest throughout the movie. Honestly, my mental notes from the movie were that we she was good actress, but I just remember her getting increasingly more attractive as the movie progressed—in other words the astronaut uniform came off while the hair came down, the nices dresses and make-up got put on (which everyone was expecting).

Tim Robbins/Senator Hammond – Yes, I know I don’t have him listed in the movie review. His character was literally that pointless. Again, I appreciated what they were trying to do, but it didn’t work. I mention Tim Robbins name only out of respect for him.

Grade: C-

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