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Courtesy of Studio 924 Photography (c)
Courtesy of Studio 924 Photography (c)

Overcoming adversity has been a constant theme in the life of Sean Watkins. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, he came to the University of Texas at Austin for his education but found Jesus and a lifelong passion of justice and reconciliation. Earning a B.A. in African-American Studies and History, he served on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for twelve years in various roles locally and nationally with a focus on serving Black students and Black staff. He believes his primary calling in life is to strengthen the Black voice at the multi-ethnic table. In 2016, Sean co-planted a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural multi-denominational church in Austin, Texas, and in 2019 he earned his Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and will begin the Doctoral of Ministry program in Transformational African-American Church Leadership from Fuller in the summer of 2020. He is in the process of launching his own consulting company, Four A Consulting, where he hopes to leverage his education and experience in helping majority-white institutions grow in their cross-cultural competency. He is an avid comic book and sci-fi fan, and enjoys working out, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and martial arts as he holds a first-degree Black Sash in Tai Chi. For more information, check out his blog: www.smwatkins.com or follow him on Twitter: @seanisfearless.

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