About Me

Courtesy of Studio 924 Photography (c)
Courtesy of Studio 924 Photography (c)

Where am I from?
I was born and raised in 3rd Ward in Houston, Texas. I have been living in Austin, Texas since 2000.

How did I end up in Austin? How did I become a Christian?
I came to Austin in the fall of 2000 to attend the University of Texas at Austin. They offered me more scholarship money than any other school. That’s the primary reason I chose the school. I had no idea God was ordering my steps. My sophomore year had what I call a “confluence of events” that culminated in my choosing to follow Jesus:

–          I found out my girlfriend was married (yes, married!)

–          My mother, after two years of sobriety, began using drugs again

–          September 11, 2001 was my second week back

–          InterVarsity Christian Fellowship planted a chapter for Black students

None of those events on their own would have been enough to create  a spiritual awakening in me, but to have all of them occur within the span of a month, I was looking for something…anything to make sense of the world and the craziness that was my life at the time.

What Happened After That?
Well, after she told she was married, clearly we broke up! Oh, you meant after the Bible Study started? Right! I gave my life to Jesus November, 2001, and things have never been the same. I became very active in Texas Gospel Fellowship, a ministry to Black students on UT’s campus. I also joined a Christian Fraternity, Gamma Phi Delta and surrounded myself with godly men that would help me become the man I needed to be.
I graduated from the University of Texas in August, 2004 with a Bachelors of Arts in African-American Studies and History, but I felt like my time on campus wasn’t done. I ran from God for a year–because I wasn’t sure if I was called to go into ministry–but eventually gave in. I became a licensed minister the following year and came on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I served in the local church and led the fellowship I came to faith in for five years. I left staff in 2010, and returned less than a year later with a new found commitment to reaching college students across the nation with the gospel of Jesus. I served as the Regional Coordinator for Black Campus Ministries in InterVarsity from 2012-2015, where I worked to help supervise all Black staff, network with Black churches and help grow ministry to Black College students throughout Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. I helped teach students what it means to be proud of their “Blackness” and, at the same time, learn from our White, Asian, Latino, South-Asian, Kenyan, Ethiopian and all other brothers and sisters around the nation and the world. I currently serve as Associate National Director of Ministry in Digital Spaces in IV, a new department dedicated to creating and prompting evangelistic and discipleship conversations through social media.

Hobbies? Interests?
I am a HUGE comic book fan. Although Marvel is my favorite universe—check out my blog on why Avengers (2012) was awesome—Superman is my favorite character. The saying is true: the first superhero is still the best.
I love movies. I spent some time as a Movie Reviewer and occasionally will still post them if the movie is really good—and if I have the time.
Aside from that, I am a typical man: I love food, sleeping, sports, billiards and working out.
I have also been known to cook a thing or two from time to time.

I am a Christian minister, trying to figure out how to follow Jesus and help other do the same. My goal from my ministry: people remember Jesus, not me. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary.
God has blessed me to see, believe and work to live out the Biblical vision of multi-ethnicity. Within that vision, I have a tremendous heart for Black people. When I close my eyes and listen to the voices at the multi-ethnic table, the Black voice is not as strong as it could be. We are at the corner of peril and progress. We have more Black doctors, lawyers, teachers, athletes, Fortune 500 Company Owners and at the same time we also have more fatherlessness, teen pregnancy, high school dropout, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, High Blood pressure, cancer, jail/prison rates than ever before. I believe God has put me on the earth to be an agent of change in the Black community, one life at a time.

To support me in ministry, go to: http://donate.intervarsity.org/donate/to/Sean_Watkins

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Started reading the latest post you sent and found myself reading back through your blog. Really thought-provoking! Thanks for sharing all your struggles and joys in the faith. Now I just got to think on how to comment on your last post. 🙂

  2. I’m late in seeing this blog… YAY SEAN!!!

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