Reflections from BCM Staff Conference

I am always amazed at what takes place whenever BCM Staff get together. Staff of varying ethnic backgrounds that love Jesus, the college campus and college students–with a special place in their heart for Black students–gathered to rest, regroup and strategize on how to grow the work of Black Campus Ministries.

Here are a few thoughts on the pearls of wisdom I bringing back from BCM Staff Conference 2013:

1. Next Level Leadership.
The world needs leaders. The Kingdom of God needs leaders. The college campus needs leaders. Not just any kind of leaders, Next Level Leaders. Next Level Leaders are leaders who work through a new framework to accomplish the tasks given to them comparable to the level of their leadership. Leaders tend to operate with the skills that were most useful two levels below their current level.
In the areas of funding, vision casting, leadership, teaching, I am returning challenged to think with new paradigms, new new strategies, greater discipline and more intense training. Hard work will cause you to win a championship. Discipline, however, will allow you to repeat.

2. Necessary Community.
The call to cross-cultural ministry is the call to be misunderstood. Every conversation is with a person of a different background, experience (most times but not all), values and evaluative lenses different from your own. I forget how much of the difficulties I face in ministry are because I engage in God-ordained cross-cultural ministry.
God also call us to community. BCM Staff Conference provided a place for BCM Staff to exhale: a place of acceptance, affirmation, recognition of similar problems and a platform to create strategic solutions.
I am returning with a commitment to have regular dialogue with BCM Leaders at Area, Regional and National levels for brainstorming, networking, problem-solving and strategic leadership initiatives to serve those whom I lead.

3. Prophetic Preaching and Teaching.
Charisma and anointing are not the same thing. Sadly, we live in a world where they are easily mistaken for one another. There are tons of great speakers. Few people listen to The Lord on what to speak about, how to speak, when to speak.
Rev. Dr. Jackie Thompson, Rev. Phil Bowling-Dyer, Tony “The Bishop” Warner, Antoinette “The Coach” Dawson and others led us through anointed, prophetic teaching and preaching. Each of their messages brought clarity, conviction, authority and power that could only have come from spending time with The Lord. Prophetic preaching and teaching brings instruction and inspiration, what needs to change and what needs to have happen next–personally and professionally.
I am returning with the renewed conviction to pray more than I prepare, listen more than I speak, spend more time learning than leading, contribute without/before I attempt to complain.

4. My Need For the Gospel.
The food was amazing. The beds in the Hilton were phenomenal. I cried from laughing, confessing/receiving forgiveness, reflecting on my journey.
This week I believe BCM Staff afresh, counted the costs, and recommitted to following Jesus within the multi-ethnic movement of InterVarsity.
I need the gospel as much as the students and staff I serve, as much as the campus we want to renew and this dying world I/we have been sent to help redeem.

Four days. Phenomenal. Can’t wait until next year.

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