The Subverting Oppression of Biblical Christianity in the US

The United States is a tremendously amazing nation. Founded on principles of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness (which is never actually caught) and equality for all people. With each generation that comes on the earth, in many ways, we become wiser. We end slavery and the oppression of others. We establish equality across races and genders. Technology allows for world-wide communication. The possibilities are endless. However, just as much as we grow wiser in our acumen and industry, we are gradually and increasingly decreasing spiritually.
It’s not blatant and obvious. It is subtle, quiet and eventually will completely contaminate biblical Christianity in the US completely. For point of reference, I define biblical Christianity as Followers of Jesus, who:
– Believe in the existence of and live in submission to God
– Believe in the death, burial, resurrection and return of Jesus
– Believe in and submit to the authority of Scripture as God’s Word

Sadly, this must be defined because everyone who calls themselves Christians do not live based on those principles. As a result, “Christianity” now has a mile-wide definition that pretty much means you can do whatever you want and say you love Jesus. We are in grave danger of what Jesus says will happen in Matthew 7: those who do good things in His name will not be allowed to enter into eternal life because they did good things, but never actually followed Jesus. The truth is, America, that defines itself a Christian nation, is no longer a Christian nation. It hasn’t been for some time.

If you place a frog in boiling water, he will jump out immediately. If you place a frog in cool water, and gradually turn up the heat gradually to boiling, he will sit there, unaware he’s being gradually killed.

It’s been gradual, subtle for a few years now, but today, I think Christians a being oppressed in the United States and we don’t even know it.

– Science. Why are the only reports being published are those that refute Christian opinion? How much science points to the existence of God?
– History. Historical figures who were Christian, their faith is conveniently left out of the description.
– Do not say Jesus’ name in public. We can’t pray in His name. We can’t say we are Christian because that doesn’t mean God or Jesus. It means I am against abortion or homosexual marriage or some other politically loaded situation.
– Removal of God from…well, everything. Prayer has been taken out of schools, the Ten Commandments removed from judicial buildings. The definition of marriage has changed.
– Ruling against all things Christian for the sake of equality. The First Amendment grants Freedom of Religion. People often quote the phrase, “Separation of Church and State” yet no one actually knows what it means or where it comes from. “Separation of Church and State” comes from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists in 1802, where he states faith is between “a man and his God,” and shouldn’t be forced by the government to do anything that violates his faith. While Christian opinion is being voted against left and right, no one has seemed to notice that if Christians disagree, we are labeled prude or insensitive. The same insensitivity Christians were said to have are now on the receiving end. In other words, “I don’t agree with you, but you better agree with me.”

– Authority of Scripture.
– Sin. This word is not said in church. We need Jesus to go to heaven, have a happier life. We do not define sin as a soul-sickness that prevents people of all walks of life from accomplishing their God-given purpose.
– God. He isn’t mentioned in His church as much. We don’t worship God, but rather we have “a worship experience.” We no longer ask, “What will honor the Lord,” but rather, “what will put our name out there and get people to come to our church.” People don’t come to faith in Jesus. They simply join the church.
– Pastor. God no longer leads His church, the pastor does. He can take the money, sleep with the women, touch the little kids, have a temper, be a workaholic but if he is charismatic, the money is coming in, then the pastor stays–regardless of whether or not he preaches and teaches the bible.
– Seminary. Which seminary would you like? You can choose one that teaches with the authority of the Bible and one that doesn’t. Think about that. Being called to ministry by God, you go to seminary to learn and you are told you “don’t have to preach from the bible at church. Be culturally relevant. That’s enough.” No, it isn’t.

Other nations that oppress Christians do so openly. Not the US. The US will say it is Christian, but in reality….we are slowly subtly oppressing Christians from coast to coast.

Maybe I am crazy.

What do you think?

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