An Obvious Opportunity, Reflections on Luke 1:5-25








I have been spending a couple of months in Luke. As I am looking again at Zechariah and Elizabeth, I am seeing what a truly Obvious Opportunity looks like.

Background on Liz and Z:

  • Both priestly families
  • Both lived right in God’s eyes
  • Both old
  • They are childless

I think we all have lists we can come up with that define our circumstances and would lead us to conclude this is all there is to life, or that there are just some prayers that God is not going to answer. God, because He is God, may surprise you. Here are some suggestions that may point to an obvious opportunity God is offering to you and me:

–          When Your Name Gets Called, v.9

  • Zechariah is chosen over numerous priests (over 18,000) to go into the temple
  • When God chooses you for an opportunity that you know you don’t deserve

–          When You Feel Fear, v.12

  • Fear does not always mean the presence of evil
    • Fear is often attributed to someone who is in the presence of God, OT and NT
      • Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. Courage is fear that has said its prayers.

–          When You Are Left Speechless, v.18-20

  • Many of us are mute, because:
    • What God has called us to do
    • What God has called us to say
    • Where God has called us to go
    • And God is not going to do anything else in our lives until:
      • We act
      • We speak
      • We go

–          When You Get a Second Chance, v.57-64

  • When Zechariah opened his mouth again, He spoke what God told him
    • When your chance, your real chance comes around
      • do what God said
      • go where God leads
      • Say what God says

And let the chips fall where they may!

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