So, I have become a fan of Christopher Nolan.  I think everybody has.  The Dark Knight in 2008 has made over a billion dollars and easily one of the greatest comic book movies of all time. (I cannot wait for the sequel!) After seeing it several times, I made a commitment to see anything he made moving forward.

Saw Inception next. Loved it.  Had to see it twice because I am pretty smart, but walked out at the end with a headache.  Saw it the second time and as one movie critic said, “It’s the first movie of 2010 to actually make us think.”  In the movie, extractions are performed when you enter someone’s mind and take ideas.  An inception, however, is when you enter someone’s mind and plant an idea.  It has these great sequences of several dream worlds that  leave you wondering what’s real and what’s not.

Somehow, I think we as Christians have turned into the characters in the movie.  We aren’t the ones challenging people’s thinking, we are the ones who are having our thinking—our way of life being challenged.

The God and experiences mentioned in the bible have been dismissed for science or the emotional experiences of the immature or unintelligent, and in some cases both. Everything has become what we can experience with the five senses. If it cannot be scientifically proven, then it isn’t real.

When did it happen?  When did it all change?  Who performed the extraction on our minds that removed the fear of God?  Who/what performed the inception on our minds that we don’t have to fear God, stand up for truth, believe beyond what we can see and accept the unacceptable?

I feel at times I am back on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood in the land of make believe. It’s almost like we don’t think God is real.  We can do whatever we want and if God is real, He will bless it. I know different people believe different things.  I have to respect that, but share the gospel anyway. But it seems like Christians need to be reminded of what we believe and why we believe it.

That’s been the quest God has had me on as of late. I feel like I am just now beginning to understand what it means to be a Christian…and of course, I am light years away.  What if we as Christians performed an Inception on the world. What if we, unlike the movie which deposited a lie, deposited a seed of truth?  How different would the world be? How different would we be?

Plant a rock in the ground and nothing happens.

Plant a seed in the ground, and overtime, something begins to grow.

I want to plant Jesus in somebody’s mind. I want to always plant His word in my heart.

What a day that will be…when we believe what we profess and live what we teach.

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