Excited about blogging

I have never blogged before. I have heard of people doing it for some time, but really had no clue what it meant or why we should. The older I get, the more I am increasingly becoming aware of the reality that people must be able to get things off their chests, share their lives, receive feedback from those who will listen, and get away from this pseudo-community culture of loving to the point of murder.

Yes. Loving to the point of murder. I think we can love people to death, as in lay down our lives for them, and love people through their weaknesses, etc. But it seems today, to me at least, we love people to murder. We ask people to love us in the midst of problems we don’t want to deal with. With want acceptance for the way we are without the willingness to be challenged–at times–to change.

I am getting a chance to see myself and people around me and there is just so much hypocrisy. It drives me crazy to think of the people who need Jesus in the world but because of the way Christians live, many will never know the love of Jesus. It’s not all leaders, but there are many out there. It’s sad really. I was taught that the body of Christ, although broken, was to be more than this. I am not losing my faith in God, but my faith in people is starting to wain. I think this may be what God is teaching me in this season. Grace for others, grace for myself. Knowing when to be John the Baptist, preparing the way for Jesus, and when to be Jeremiah, the Weeping Prophet–called to speak truth even though you know people are not going to change.

I am very much both the one who doesn’t want to change and the one who longs for people to change.  I think it is part of the complexity of the human sole.  It’s like Jesus said…before looking at the speck, take the “blog” out of your own eye…

Hopefully, God will speak to and through me as I write this…

2 thoughts on “Excited about blogging

  1. Thanks for getting this off your chest. I’m anxious to read more as time goes on.

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere. I haven’t blogged in a long time, so your post may be a reason for me to restart.

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